UPSC Interview Questions

Candidate 1:

  • Industrial waste management
  • Problems of msme, govt steps to revive it??
  • Can police be brought under central govt control?
  • Do u supports edition?
  • Green house gases
  • Net zero emission
  • Yoga vs Meditation vs Pranayama
  • Telemedicine vs transmedicine
  • Can law and order be moved to central list??
  • Why anthropology??
  • What is your duties and responsibilities in your job?
  • Recent amendment in cooperatives? Why sc struck down it?
  • What is param?
  • Super conductivity

Candidate 2:

  • Where did you arrive here?
  • What are your plans?
  • What interests you have?
  • IT’s relevance in Education sector
  • Quality & Quantity issue in Edu.
  • More about Education Sector
  • Scripts reading (Hobby) in depth.
  • Women’s position in workplace (job Experience)
  • Women leaders who inspired you?
  • Rural Sector Schemes ?
  • Taichi (Hobby)
  • Cauvery verdict are you satisfied (Tamilnadu related)
  • Rural Vs. Urban Education divide
  • Water Crises (management) – overall India

Candidate 3:

  • What is the meaning of your name?
  • India and Australia – tell some points
  • Unesco sites
  • Nuclear fission vs fusion
  • How will psychology help in civil services?
  • Status of mental health in India.
  • What movie did you see recently?
  • What is crypto currency? How to regulate?
  • Psychotropics vs narcotics

Candidate 4:

  • What were you thinking while sitting outside the room for 5 mins?
  • There is change of govt in Tamilnadu. What are the changes the new govt has brought in?
  • Tamilnadu has historically been implementing lot of welfare schemes irrespective of whichever party comes to power. But economists are calling them ‘Doles’ and ‘uneconomical’. How do you see it?
  • Tell me how will you compare the cities Chennai and Coimbatore
  • What’s special about Isha Yoga centre in Coimbatore
  • Tamil culture is about more than 2000 yrs old. And it is said arguably Tamil language is the oldest language in the world. So, tell us some features of Tamil culture
  • You have mentioned you play Badminton.
  • Are you a ‘drops’ players or ‘tossing’ player’ in Badminton?
  • How many smashes will you do from third Court?
  • Earlier you said about Isha yoga centre. What’s the difference between yoga taught by Isha centre and Ramachandra centre?
  • What are the contributions of Subramania Bharathiyar?
  • You are given an order by a firm. What are the costs you will add to take the order?
  • What is inflation and deflation?
  • What are the impacts of inflation and deflation on economy?
  • You are interested in reading novels. Do you read in English?
  • So have you read any Hindi novels?
  • What is Dark Web? Tell something about that
  • How some people get access to the dark web?
  • Earlier in one of your answers you mentioned about Chettinad Cuisine. What is special about that? Do you the history behind that?
  • In Delhi, many of the hotels are using lot of chillies in chettinad food. Did you try it here in Delhi?
  • Do you what’s special about Thanjavur sambhar? Don’t you know the connection of Chatrapati Shivaji with Thanjavur sambhar

Candidate 5:

  • Tell us about your educational and occupational background
  • Are you still working?
  • Are you following olympics?
  • If you were the deciding body, Would you have gone ahead with the Tokyo games, why?
  • Olympics hosting cities are facing massive losses, why?
  • Why shouldn’t we shift to conducting these games at a single venue in Greece instead of auctioning each year?
  • Don’t you think 20 billion loss is too much to an event just to promote sporting excellence and bridging cultures?
  • What is your opinion about the debate on greatness of Sanskrit and Tamil language?
  • How will you use ur mechanical knowledge in administration?
  • How to address regional imbalance?
  • Do you subscribe to the idea of doing things that gives maximum good to max ppl (ethical question)
  • To what extent do you don’t accept it?
  • Choose btw high economic growth with social ruptures, stressful life and steady slow economic growth with social harmony and peaceful life?
  • Two great achievements of cholas?
  • Do you think civil servants are tested for mental health aspect before recruitment?
  • What is the one thing you will do to address high crime, politics and violence in UP (worked there)?
  • Do you think referendums are good way to decide things ?
  • Why not cite some episodes – brexit
  • What is PM AWAS?
  • what is geo tagging and how it helps?

Candidate 6:

  • Introduce yourself mentioning specifically about graduation and work experience if any.
  • What was your role in your IT company.
  • Why IT job to civil services.
  • Are you in social media?
  • Do you just see others tweets or u urself will you tweet?
  • There is an opinion that women are abused more in social media than men. What’s your opinion?
  • Do abuse come from anonymous accounts or open accounts?
  • What measures are taken to curb this abuse on social media?
  • What is cone winding?
  • Do you do it for passing time?
  • Is women discriminated in our society?
  • Tell me about me too movement.
  • Is the movement done with good intention or is it wrongly used against men at times? Example if any?
  • How digitalization is going on in India?
  • Why rural urban digital divide?
  • What infrastructure is lacking in rural areas for providing digital connectivity?
  • What is Bharat net and how well it is performing?
  • What is most important thing happened in 5G recently in India?
  • Why India didn’t go with Chinese company for 5G trials?
  • What implications will India have due to this?
  • What are the geographical divisions of India and South Asia?
  • What is BRI?
  • What are the benefits for China because of BRI?
  • Will it benefit India & Why India didn’t join BRI?
  • Are you aware of a similar project of India connecting to South East Asian countries?
  • What is money laundering?
  • What are the five pillairs of Atma Nirbhar?
  • Do you think AtmaNirbhar is possible with globalisation?
  • What are the structural reforms done in Indian economy since independence?
  • If no globalisation then India might not have been affected by Covid this badly. What’s your view on this?
  • Is atmanirbhar an import substitute?
  • What is the relation between population density and more transport connectivity?
  • If an economy of a region grows well then what is the effect on population density in that region?
  • Did we left anything which you felt that might be questioned?
  • Why IPS as first choice?
  • Which area you like in IPS like law and order, intelligence, criminal investigation?
  • Do you read any books or watch movies related to police?
  • So do you prefer IPS inspiring from movies and books?

Candidate 7:

  • Speciality of Native place ? Followup question regarding that
  • Issues of telecommunication sector? What’s the status currently?
  • Is cryptocurrency illegal in india?
  • How christianity spread in india? Who introduced it in india?
  • Public private partnership? Is it needed?
  • What do you teach(hobby)?
  • Literary festivals in india?
  • Question about protest against literature in tamilnadu?(one part woman)?
  • Opinion on ‘Go back to Vedas’?
  • Is vedas still relevant?
  • Contribution of Ambedkar to india? And to women empowerment?
  • Questions regarding sathyamangalam forest? Veerappan? What kind of crimes did he commit?

Candidate 8: 

  • Are you comfortable EEE questions ..If not we will not ask questions from it … Tell me about Armed forces of our country…
  • Be specific about it …
  • Tell me the names if CDS and Heads of armed forces and why CDS has been created
  • Was cricket even been in Olympics ?
  • Why are you taking longer time to complete your graduation…
  • Do you read Our CJI’s opinion in today’s newspaper ..then tell me about police reforms ….counter questions followed
  • Difference between Electrical and electronics …tell the appliances …
  • What do you say about Tamilnadu whether it is backward or forward or something other ….counter questions followed I could not recollect …
  • If TN is developed What do you think about Haryana ?
  • Place that Taliban and USA taking place .
  • Proxies in Yemen civil war .
  • Oil rich province in Yemen .

Candidate 9

  • Meaning of name
  • Paris deals
  • CBDR
  • Environment related
  • transportation related

Candidate 10:

  • Why Civil Services.
  • How is our relationship with Gulf Countries?
  • How will it change in future?
  • Asked about border threats faced by drones.
  • How can they be mitigated?
  • Asked about my job profile in Power Sector. Asked little deeper and technical.
  • North east states and border insurgency.
  • Which states are most affected.
  • How to tackle them?
  • Asked about infamous Emergency imposed.
  • Questions related to job profile.
  • Food security of India – present status.
  • How to address poverty in India?

Candidate 11:

  • Difference between management and administration?
  • How to do branding for IR?
  • What is the State of Indian Economy?
  • Why development finance institutions are encouraged by Government?
  • IR : India & China
  • Katchatheevu issue
  • Smart city Why?
  • Role of Co-operatives?
  • How to revive Indian economy?
  • Reason for decline of chola dynasty
  • Why telecom reader un distress?

Candidate 12:

  • Read the DAF aloud and appreciated the academic achievements.
  • Why Teaching (hobby)? Asked about Quote in Infosys Pune (work exp).
  • Six word story(hobby). Tell one. Asked about achievements in college project.
  • why many children in India are unable do basic mathematics and language?
  • What are the problem and solutions to that? How to taech children in this pandemic?
  • What do you know about smart City? When will a city become smart?
  • How will Tamilnadu farmers benefit out of the farm bills? Why Bihar workers migrate to Punjab to work in agri fields? Is your stay at your district is productive?
  • Asked what are the 3 farm laws? What is the relation with my dept?
  • How it will imapct your department and solutions to it?

Candidate 13:

  • Asked where i did my schooling . And about hobby ( body building)
  • M1 :what do you think about the mekadatu issue ?
  • Dont you think karnataka should go ahead as its only for drinking water purpose ?
  • What is stratification ?
  • Difference between western and indian stratification.
  • Tell me about endogamy and exogamy .
  • dont you think cricket should be included in olympics ?
  • What do you think about changing the names of cities ?
  • Tell me about indo china relations?
  • tell me about self respect movement.
  • Do you have any interest in tamil literature?
  • Chennai people are still being called madrasi , so do you think changing name really matters
  • Why IAS ?
  • What are the challenges you’ve faced ?
  • Major challenges of chennai (where i reside) and solutions? why dont states set up desalination plant for water problem ?
  • Do you know how it works ?
  • As a SDM , what will you do for malnutrition problem


1.Tamilians are hesisted to learn Hindi…How did you learn Hindi…..(I completed B.A in Hindi)
2.What do you mean by critically acclaimed movies???Say some examples…
3.What do you mean by free barrier…
4.what are the government provisions…
5.Did you notice any accessible free environment in our buildings…(UPSC buildings)

1.Shall i ask you some questions with related to Indian economy as you are belongs to non economy background.
2.What is the current characteristics of Indian economy.
3.What is the current GDP And Inflation rate?
4.What are the recent steps taken by GoI to prevent money laundering?

1.How could you prevent children sexual abuse in shelter homes (he pointed out in bihar shelter home issues) as a DM.
2.What is quantum computing?
3.What is AI?

1.What are the Human rights watch dogs in our country?
2.Is that recommendations binding on our government?
3.So recent days human rights practioners are aggressively propagating human rights provisions and is that prevents the law enforcement agencies to do their work???
4.He linked with to the fake encounters…
5.Human rights day..and its significance??

1.Do you know the film which was nominated to OSCAR last year?
2.Name of the Director and the language of the film?
3.Corelate the mobile phone,antennae,satellite???(link them)
4.why do we call black money as black???
5.Look east to act east what is the difference???
Chairperson said your interview is over,,,,

What are you doing since 2013?
Tell me about your start up?
Why civil services when you are a budding entrepreneur? Country needs entrepreneur like you?
Tell me about plastic pollution?
Why people are not changing regarding plastic pollution?
What are the plastic alternative?
What about Other pollution?
Pollution in Delhi?
What can be done ?

M1- block chain technology and it’s application
Why should we select you and some cross questions

What is the difference between mother language and mother tongue
Chairman-explaining- see your from Bengal so your mother tongue is Bengali..
I said no madam I’m from Chennai Tamilnadu, born in Bengal and mother tongue is Marwari.

M3- summarised my roots .. entire board into laughter

M2- link between GDP and Language
What is international Language day?
Why it is celebrated?
What is unicorn startup?

Artificial intelligence vs Human brain
What is the technology behind Google maps
Difference between creativity and innovation

M4 why you did not do MBA?
How much money you would want to accumulate for retirement?
Civil services pay very less than y u want to join?
Do you want to be part of the system and change the system ?

What have you been doing since graduation?
Are u residing in chennai?
What are the urban services which can be improved in chennai?
Avenues for citizen for making government responsible

Member 1:
Why civil services?
Being a women can you handle political interference and how?
Problems in rural and urban?
Why did you choose French language in 12 th standard?
Difference between urbanization in chennai and in Kerala cities

Opinion about linguistic based states
Has government not taken enough steps for doing away with less women representation in governance?
Why geography optional?

Acid rain and causes
Ozone depletion
Layers of atmosphere
Which layer ozone is present
Mullai periyar dam issue

Why naxalism in still in chhattisgarh?
Why not in uttarkhand?
Effect of naxalism on geography

Why many protests in Tamilnadu?
Can government allow protests?

Chairmen: tell me about yourself?
What is significant in your district?
What are the water problems in perennial rivers?
In recent what is the problem between india and srilanka?
How you handle fisherman problems?
Is ther any people to people contact happen regarding fisherman problems?
What are the negotiation taken in that meeting?
What are the qualities you have to become an administrater?
Do you aware south china sea dispute?
What are the impact on india?

Member1:what are the measures to tackle water problem in rainfed areas?
Is desalination project is viable for water deficit areas?why?
How you implement the desalination project?
Which country is succssfull in desalination project?
Why so many engineering colleges closed in recent years?

Member2: which state you like to go to service other than your home state?
Why Andhra pradesh?
If You are an admininstrater in AP then what will you do for development of state?
What are the major problems face by both Tamilnadu and Andhra pradesh?
Why we cant solve monsoon problems?

Member3:what is your level in chess?
We playing the same chess from ancient time?
What are the changes made in chess from ancient time to present?
AI impact on chess?

Member4:who is the head of tricommand?
Who are all participated in president election?
How to calculate value of vote in president election?
Why lok sabha called as upper house?
Is fundamental duties are original part of constitution?
When it wad add in constitution?
When constitution was introduced in parliament?
Why jan26 is celebrated as Republic day?

1. what you have done after your graduation?
2. what about your schooling?
3. can you explain about uses of agricultural waste?
4. what do you think about collective farming?
5. How to address price deficit?

Member 1:
1. what is Integrated farming?
2. Difference between Hybrid and Cybrid?
3. Famous vishnu temples in India
4. Difference between Agro forestry, Horticulture and Agriculture?

Member 2:
1. which one you will prefer – Joint family or Nuclear family?
derived question – freedom of movement in Joint family?
2. How electricity is produced from Bajra?

Member 3:
1. Why collective farming is successful in India?
2. what is your suggestion to make it successful in India?

Member 4:
1. Should we make NCC compulsory to all students?
2. what is your opinion about our Neighbourhood policy?
3. Why Anti hindi agitation deeprooted in TamilNadu?

1.So Anjali, you did your schooling completely in karur?
2. What did you do after completing graduation in civil engineering?
3. Where did you stay during your preparation?
4. So you are a civil engineer and from Chennai, have you seen any historic forts or buildings in your city?
5. Your college has historic building. What is the difference you find between those structures and present day structures?
6. What is the difference between leakage and seepage?
7. Have you read anything in English literature?

Lady member:
1. You are a civil engineer, involved in media relations but you have taken tamil literature as optional. Why did you take tamil literature as your optional?
2. What is your opinion about present day media? (DAF based)
3. Do you think there are ideological bias in today’s media?
4. What is yellow journalism?
5. In thermal power plants there is a byproduct useful in construction. What is that?
6. Isn’t it a polluting substance?
7. What is your opinion on ill treatment of women in public employment?
8. Are everyone employing women just for women empowerment?
9. What are the qualities that women possess that makes them useful in employment?
10. Is there any scientific reasons for the ability of women to multi task?
11. So Anjali, in an area you have black soil. What will you consider while constructing buildings over it?

Member 3:
1. Why is Mr. Azim premji recently in news? (DAF)
2. You college is near Guindy industrial estate? What kind of industries are present?
3. Those are MSME sector. Do you know about it?
4.Why must government promote MSME sector?
5. What is the percentage of public enterprises in overall industries established in India? Make a rough guess.
6. In India Hindi is widely seen as a link language. But many people are against it especially from your state? What is your opinion?
7. In Tamil Nadu actors become politicians. Who is your favourite actor( male or female)?
8. So you don’t watch movies?
9. What is recent movie you have watched?
10. What is the movie about?
11. So regarding Vijay Malaya case, our government says something but his side is saying different. what is your perception? He even said he’ll repay the money.

Member 3:
1. So you do abstract painting? What does abstract mean? (Hobby)
2. Name any famous abstract painter?
3. You studied in Vivekananda school. Can you enumerate on his philosophy?
4. In India there are various regions affected by agrarian distress. What are the reasons for it? And what are the solutions?
5. Is India not self sufficient in food production?
6. How will you test the strength of the concrete wall?
7. Have you travelled a lot?
8. So you have never been out of Tamil Nadu?

Member 4:
1. You were in NCC. Didn’t you try for the armed forces?
2. What do you think you learnt from NCC?
3.. What is reverse repo rate?
4. With the present status of blocking the resolution of listing Masood Azhar as UN designated terrorist, what are the options does India has to proceed with?
5. What is Sanskritisation?
6. After the recent triple talaq judgement, what were the steps taken?
7. In today’s paper we have seen a bridge collapse in Mumbai. What is the possible reason do you think?
8. What should be done to prevent such incidents?
Time was already up. So the chairman winded up saying thank you.

Member 1 – india china boundary issue talk about that.
How to resolve that?
Member 2 – Talk about Dichotomy in Geography for 2 minutes. (Sub qn on that )
Great britain, england, U.K – differentiate the terms and their significance
Member3- geography puzzle. Mr.x crosses a isthumus(some name forgot) and saw a widespread sea. Who is x and which sea was that? He himself skipped the qn before thinking and gave answer as France and Pacfic ocean.
Difference between kambaramayanam and valmiki ramayanam.
Radcliff line -its strength and weaknesses.
Another term from geography. Dont remember. Said i dont know.

M4- lady member – started off by saying, “i m going to ask u provocative questions. “

DO u believe in gender equality?
What is your opinion on dowry.
After marriage what will u insist ur wife. In the following 2 cases.
1. She should take ur name or her fathers name as the last name.
2. Will u make ur name as the last name of ur children.
Difference between patriarchy and patrilocality.
After marriage if ur parents wants to stay with u and also ur wife, but ur wife has to leave their family. What will u do in such a case.
Dont u have any problem to stay along with your in laws?

Chairman – same question i ll prolong.
Consider u got ur home cadre and staying in the same place as ur wife.
Consider ur parents are not well. Ur wife has left her family. Now she wants to stay alone with you. What will you do.
Consider another case. Your parents are well and good now. Now have only two options. Go with ur wife or parents. What will u do?
Ok thank u Arun.
Board was cordial. Last few situation based questions were very tricky. Could swing marks to any extreme. Fingers crossed now.

1. Difference between B E and B tech
2. Difference between aircraft and helicopter
3. Drone principle
4. Leader vs Manager
5. Leadership styles??

Member 1:
1. Why thiruvalluvar statue placed in sea in kanyakumari?
2. You are DM. What is ur first action against anti hindi riot?
3. SWOT analysis??

Member 2:
1. Farmers distress??
2. How ll u increase farmers income double??
3. If u r gonna choose any one secretary under govt , which dept ll u select?? And why??
4. Why u quit CTS??

Member 3:
1. What are the important temples in Tamil nadu??
2. Who is the god in Madurai Meenatchi amman temple??
3. What is Red cross??

Member 4:
1. What is important mean or end??
2. One Mahabharata story.. (couldn’t recollect)
3. What kind of service u doing now to the society??
4. What is OIC??

M1: (Lady member)
 1. What are the reasons for poor participation of women in industrial
establishments? (I highlighted the poor women workforce in business
establishments of Etawah as one of the differences in the last question)
 2. What can be done to increase women workforce participation?
 3. There is also a reservation that family life gets disoriented if women
are employed. What is your opinion on that?
 4. Tell me about the origin of TED talks?
 5. Who is your favorite speaker and Why?
 6. Can people like you and me organize an event like that and make a
 7. What do you understand by the statement “1% of the Indian
population owns 73% of wealth”?
 8. Do you think will the economic inequality increase or decrease?

  1. What is the nature of your work in the factory?
  2. What sort of equipment do you maintain?
  3. What are the safety standards that are followed in the factory?
  4. What is the difference between alloy and mixture

  1. What do you mean by Lifestyle diseases? Name few.
  2. What are the reasons for increasing rate of Lifestyle risks?
  3. What measures do you suggest to address Lifestyle disease burden?
  4. What are the reasons for the violent behavior among school-going
children? (Murder committed by juveniles in recent news)
  5. How can we inculcate values in them?

M4: (pretended to be rude)
 1. What are the weaknesses of the Indian state?
 2. Give me the budget on how will you survive with Rs.35 per day.
(Recently in the news)
*follow up questions based on the replies.

M 1 : 1) What is crony capitalism?
2) What does your name mean?
3) Have you visited Lodhi Gardens?
4) Who is your favourite female personality in history between 1707 and 1857?
5) Favourite personality from Independence movement?

M 3: 1) Which countries lead in electronics manufacturing?
2) National electronics policy 2019?
3) Why India lags?
4) Should women get reservations in jobs?

M4 : 1) ‘War made the State and State made the war’. Explain?
2) Does it apply to India?

M5 : 1) Name 5 nation builders after independence who are not politicians.

2) For any region to develop, you need 4Ts. What are they? Think silicon valley.

What is business analysis.
Trinity College certification.
What is your favorite hobbies and why.
Kashmir issue

More about Kashmir issue
Job situation in India
How to leverage technology for development

Work life balance
What is portfolio management
Some Agriculture schemes like operation green, agri insurance
Opinion about Monocrop

Polity related qns

1 why civil services?
2 Office environment
3 Why high waves in marina beach?
4 Demonetisation
5 Unemployment
6 Malnutrition
7 Programs for it
8 Problems in it
9 Technology in healthcare
10 Special children
11 Integration with society
12 Govt job vs private job

Member 1
How to improve India Pakistan relationship?
What is shimla agreement?
Who signed that agreement?
What is the current consequences of 1999 India airlines hijack from Kathmandu to Delhi flight?
Tell the terror group involved in that?

Member 2
How do we make money using you tube?
how TV make money?
Tell something about your self apart from daf?
I couldn’t remember questions.

Member 3
Tell 5 indian aircrafts?
who claim responsible for pulwama attack?
how do we curb terrorism?
Tell one recent current affair?

Member 4
What is the book recently you studied?( I too had a dream by varghese kurien)
What he done that?
What he done for rural people improvement?
What is cooperative society?
I couldn’t remember some questions.

Member 1(Lady):
1) How is India doing in the field of instrumentation?
2) Do we export or still import instruments?
3) What is a juvenile home?
4) What is a shelter home?
5) Why ‘shelter home’ was in the news recently?
6) What are the reasons for increasing crime rate against children?
7) Why do children commit crimes?

Member 2:
1)What is culture?
2)How Indian culture is responding to modernity?
3)Can you name 3 organisations that work for farmers?
4) Have you heard of Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs)?
5) What kind of crops are they supposed to grow as per the mandate given by the govt. ?

Member 3(Lady):
1)At what level have you played basketball?
2)What type of volunteering do you do?
3)What is the status of women in our country right now?
4)Are they able to achieve their dreams?
5)Do you think, the laws for women in our country are in tune with changing times?
6)Mention a few laws for women in our country?
7)What are the characteristic features of Indian society that make it unique?
8) What are the ill effects of caste on Indian society?

Member 4:
1)Did you read the Economic Survey 2018?
2)What is the phenomenon associated with exporting states according to Economic Survey 2018?
3)Can you name a few high exporting states of India?
4)Among high GDP states why is Kerala an ‘outlier’?
5)What is the role of caste in the present society?How does it vary between rural areas and urban areas?
6)What has the govt. done in this regard?
7)What more can be done?

Member 1
1. How to weed out corruption?
2. Any other steps to weed corruption other than dbt
3. What is handloom
4. Products from coconut
5. Views on higher cost of khadi. Steps to make the business popular.

Member 2
1. What is sanskritisation?
2. What is Ambedkar’s views on caste?
3. Do you know about the books written by Ambedkar

Member 3
1. Does India need higher allocation for defence
2. What is model code of conduct
3. Who is the seniormost bureaucrat in the country
4. What happened recently at the OIC

Member 4
1. What is the serious attitude that people need to change
2. Which is more important to handle corruption – ethics or institutional measures
3. A truck loaded with cargo and an empty truck , both are speeding. Which one is difficult to stop?

1. What have you been doing after your graduation?
2. What are your service preferences? Please tell us why you made those choices.
3. Why would you like to join the Foreign Service?
4. With regards to diplomacy, India’s epics have some relevance to it, what are they?
5. With the exit of the US from Afghanistan, what do you think will be the future of the country as well as India’s opportunities there?
6. What are India’s challenges in terms of its foreign policy, according to you?
7. Pakistan has been making peace overtures recently, What do you think India should do?
8. Do you think your ambition is in conflict with the country’s ambition?
9. If a country maintains friendly relations with its neighbours but is hostile to its citizens, what would you call that?
10. There exists a negative image about civil servants in the media and the public eye, What do you have to say about that?
11. India once had a bigger role in hockey. Why do you think that has come down now?
12. Have you read any works by Jane Austen?
13. What do you know about the Sethu Samudhiram Project?
14. What is its mythological significance?
15. Why is there an opposition to it?
16. Have you studied American Literature?
17. There was a poem by Robert Frost whose last lines were very popular. Which one is it?
18. It captivated the mind of an important person in India. Who was it?
19. How did he make them memorable?
20. Have you studied Julius Caesar?
21. There is an important oration there, What significance does it hold in diplomacy?


1.Importance of pharmaceutical industry to India
2.Recent Patents issue
3.Product / Process patent which is good?
4.How can the government’s recent action on patents be helpful?
5.Domestic Violence Act?
6.What is your opinion about live-in relationships?
7.Relation between law and society?
8.Why civil services? How will your medical knowledge help in administration?
9.Speciality of homoeopathy.
10.Difference between formal and informal transactions in business.
11.National river linking programme, is it a new or an old concept? Pros and Cons? What is your view?
12.Do you have all syllabi in Tamil at school level?
13.Samacheer Kalvi Thittam? Present condition and your views?
14.Why is there a decrease in rural population? Causes for migration?
15.Different types of urban local self government bodies?


1.Tell me your name, date of birth and roll no.
2.You have done engineering from BITS Ranchi, have you ever seen a washing
machine, what are the operations performed by a washing machine?
3. I will give you the name of countries, You tell me their capitals,
Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Somalia?
4.What is common amongst all these countries? Why were they in the news?
5.What is the cause of this unrest?
6.What was the cause of Libyan crisis?
7.Why are some districts are performing well while others aren’t?
8.What reforms would you suggest for district administration?
9.How can we better implement the government’s schemes?
10.Have you heard about Steve Jobs?
11. Tell me about his management style?
12.Why was he so successful?
13.How can u bring about innovation in the administration?
14.Is India a democratic country?
15.What do you mean by democracy?
16.What tools do the people have in a democracy?
17.What is the age of voting in india?
18.What is “Right to Recall”?
19.Can it be implemented in india?
20.What is “First Past the Post” system?
21.What are the other alternatives?


1 . It is very interesting to see that you are showing interest in agriculture, how come?
2.Say something about organic farming.
3.What is azossphyrillum ?
4.Have you heard of blue-green algae?
5.How about the yield of fifth rattoon (sugar cane) per hectare ?
6.Do you agree that politics been involved in cricketand that the real talent is not coming to the fore?
7.How to address that?
8.Some dilemmas are going about retaining capital punishment, What is your take on it?
9.In your area courts are ordering to clear dyeing units, and all over the country, it has widened its role and assumed executive functions, how you foresee the future of this role of the judiciary?
10.You were saying something about American Constitution, Have you read about it?
11. What is the basic difference of power between the American and the Indian judiciary?
12.How you see ‘Due Process of Law’ and ‘Procedure Established by Law’?
13.In some parts of India ,the constitution allows special administrative provisions .
14.Ok, tell me something about red corridor, Why is it? What is it? Where is it?
15.What is its philosophy, and how it does it interrupt administration ?
16.Are you a bowler ?
17.Do you know how many stitches there are in a standard hand-stitched cricket ball ?
18.You have played fairly at the senior level, How is it that a ball swings? Have you ever controlled it?
19.A lot of problems are cropping up regarding Telangana. I’d say we separate them, do you agree ?
20.Have you seen a f-1 race?
21.Now we are beginning to conduct it, haven’t you seen it on tv?
22.What is the apparent difference between our cars and f-1 cars?
23.Why are their tyres wide?
24.We are living on this Earth, How did it originate?


1. Hobby related questions:
(i) Which language do you write poetry in?
(ii) Has your poetry been published?
(iii) What kind of books do you read?
(iv) Who is your favourite author? (I was told to talk about a particular book of an author I mentioned as the Chairman had read that book too)
(v) What is your favourite dessert?
2. In the context of President Zardari’s visit, do you think ‘lunch diplomacy’ works?
3. Why should India try to foster good relations and improve trade with Pakistan?
(As a part of my answer I mentioned that a stable Pakistan is essential for India’s security and the security of the region, which led to the next question)
4. Pakistan’s Constitutional and political structure is different from ours, democracy does not seem possible there, then how will India be able to effectively intervene?
5. Why is Odisha a poor state despite having rich natural resources?
(I lived in Odisha which is probably why they asked me a lot of Odisha centric questions)
6. What programmes has the Odisha government adopted to alleviate poverty?
7. Do you think it was right for the Odisha government to negotiate with the Maoists who had abducted the Italian tourists and the MLA?
8. Don’t you think such release of prisoners in exchange of hostages will lower the morale of the police forces?
9. What is social engineering (in law)?
10. What do you know about Roscoe Pound’s theory on social engineering?
11. Has violence against women increased in recent times?
12. Why despite laws violence against women persists?
13. What will you do to help women victims of violence if you are a district magistrate?
14. A khap panchayat is about to commit honour killings. What will you do if you are the district magistrate?
15. Will you use lethal force to disperse the mob gathered for the khap panchayat?
16. Compare intellectual property rights in India, China and Western nations.
17. What is co-operative federalism?
18. Has co-operative federalism been mentioned in the Constitution?
19. Why should we continue with the parliamentary form of government instead of the presidential form?
20. Service preferences – Why have you not opted for Foreign Service?
21. Why have you opted for Hindi as the qualifying Indian language despite being from Tamil Nadu? (I was told to speak in Hindi in reply to this question)
22. What is your motivation for joining civil service?


Sasikumar. You did Electronics and communication engineering. Good.
Ok Sasi tell me the difference between LEO, MEO and GEO satellites
What are the advantages of Geostationary satellites?
What is the communication satellite we are using?
Will you track these INSAT series ?
Do you know from where last INSAT satellite was launched?
Do you know SHAR?
Do you know why most of the satellite launching centers are located in the east coast?
Though India has huge bovine population India’s milk production is too low. What are the ways to increase?
Which is the oldest technical institute in India?
What about CEG? I think it is more than 150 years old.
I have referred it sir. Roorkee engineering institute was the oldest technical institute but later modified into IIT roorkee.
How women can be empowered through Self help groups?
There is lack of transparency in the functioning of
NGOs ? How can we correct it?
Tell me about administrative relations between center and states?
Tell me about legislative relations between center and states.
Atleast tell me about 7th schedule .
It is the question from your own background. You should know about it.ok tell me how many schedules are there in the Indian constitution
What is the 12th schedule?
What is the 11th schedule?
Have you read arthasastra? What it tells?
What it tells about corruption?
Does it mean corruption is existing in the indian administration?
What are the 5 parliamentary committees to control the indian administration?
Do u know basic Indian history?
Which Indian dynasty you have liked the most? Why?
Anything specific about him?
You are talking with elders and children. What are the things you will talk with elders?
Will you do this thing to everyone or only relatives and neighbours
Do you know there is an act for protecting senior citizens?
Do you think the act is right?
What do you see about the future of children because of increasing nuclear families?

There is a gap in the professional courses and working in the industries? How can we decrease it?
Why many students are opting for MBA
Do you know who is the nobel prize winner presently in India?
Do you know what is fascism? Who established it?
Ok good. Who established it?
Do you know why some people are calling Anna Hazare as a fascist?
Have you read about 6th century BC thinkers?
Ok Sasi. Your interview is over. You can go now.


Candidate’s Remarks
I was the second candidate to attend the board on 4th April’s morning session. Before the interview I got my certificates verified and had some fine discussions with candidates who were going to attend Mrs.Alka’s board. At 10.30am peon came and called my name. He escorted me to Mrs.Alka Sirohi’s board’s room. There I was made to sit outside the room for 10 minutes as interview for first candidate was going on. After five minutes that guy came outside with his hands on his head. That gave the impression that his interview was not fine. But I didn’t bother about that. Then after the five minutes I was called. Peon guided me inside the room. I asked for permission to enter the room and walked few steps and wished all the members good morning. Then
chairman asked me to sit and I obliged.

1.Are you working at present?
2Tell me books of Amitav Ghosh?
3.What is the last novel that you read?
4.What is the last film you watched?
5.What is medical tourism?
6.Why is INDIA a favourite destination for it?
7.What makes dental tourism cheap in INDIA?
8.What is coalition politics? Do you support it?
9.Is it not hampering the formulation of central policies?
10.What is the schedule that deals with separation of powers?
11.What is the Sarkaria commission? What are its provisions?
12.During the 11th century, why were invaders successful in overpowering Indians?
13.”History repeats itself” can you see any lesson from modern INDIA which is of relevance today?
14.Do you see China’s rise as a threat?
15.What makes China and India different in economic aspects?
16.How is China’s model of growth different from that of INDIA?
17.What is Tirupur famous for?
18. What model of growth makes Tirupur successful?
19.What is inclusive development?
20.What can be done to promote inclusive development?


1.Why civil service after computer science engineering?
2. Questions on fundamentals of computing like what is stack pointer , program counter etc.
3. Name of the chip introduced by intel recently
4. What is the recent news related to computer science?
5. How can computer science knowledge be applied in health information system?
6. Who are responsible for collecting health related information at the grass root level?
7. INDIA’s fastest super computer and its speed.
8. What is Teraflops?
9. INDIA’s stand on climate change conference
10. Difference between developing countries and developed countries in the climate change talks.
11. India and LDC countries in climate change talks.
12. How economy and environment is being related in the international treaties and talks?
13. Recent case relating economy and environment.
14. Why there is opposition for women reservation bill?
15. Which are the parties opposing and supporting it ,why? What is your opinion?
16. Difference between Lokpal and Jan Lokpal.
17. Which is the first and second largest state in INDIA ?
18. What is the significance of iddah period?
19. Factual questions related to Shah Banu case and the subsequent act passed by the parliament.


1. What is Fibonacci series?
2. What connection does this series have with nature?
3. You are an administrator and there are many projects in front of
you. How would you choose from among them?
4. What is IRR(Internal Rate of Return)?
5. What is Net Present Value?
6. What is Call and Put options?(Connected with Stock and Futures market)
7. What is PERT?

1. What is Indian Standard Time? Why it is needed?
2. Who travelled around the world first?
3. What is the significance of the international date line?
4. What are time zones?
5. Are there countries with more than 1 time zone? Name a few and the
no. of time zones they have?

1. What are the laws legislated for women empowerment?
2.An important such law was amended to include right to property for
women, what was it?
3. One word in particular was changed in this law, what was it?
4. What does Hindu Marriage Act deal with?

1. What is Marketing Mix?
2. What are the 7C’s in marketing mix?
3. What are the 5 forces in Porter’s model?
4. What is Swot Analysis?
5. You are a DM. There is a communal riot in your district, what steps
would you take to contain it?
6. Did you read today’s newspaper? There was some news about Srilanka,
What was it?
7. Why do you think Srilanka is suddenly opposing the Kudankulam power plant?


1. Where all have you travelled to?
2. There is a famous temple there. Which is that?
3. Why was it in news?
4. What is the significance of Gangasagar?
5. What are the Planning Bodies in India?
6. What types of books do you read?
7. What are the rivers draining through UP? Also tell from which all states they bring their water from?
8. Do you support Interlinking of rivers? Why so?
9. Does UP support this interlinking?
10. Do you think that Judicial Activism is a good thing? Give reasons
11. Give some examples of Judicial Activism in environment related matters.
12. Why did Arab Spring occur?
13. What is going on in Libya right now?
14. Why does India have “separation of powers” concept? Is it simply the British legacy or does it actually have some relevance?
15. Why is Electronics Industry not that well- developed in India?
16. What message of life do you learn from the game of Carom? (Actually I had mentioned a prize in Carom as a part of my extra- curricular activities)
17. What is Silk Route?
18. Where all does it pass through?
19. Does it exist now?
20. What is Spice Route?
21. What all do we export from Kerala?
22. What are Travelogues?
23. Mention a few travelogues about India.
24. Do you write travelogues?
25. What commonality do you find across India?


1.Why is there so much controversy over NCTC? Can a person be arrested by other state police now?
2.Do you know what Nehru and Jinnah said about federalism proposed in 1935 act? What are the points of difference among their views?
3.What were you doing after finishing your graduation?
4.What do you cultivate in your field? What are the new methods used in rice
5.Why are there so many controversies over capital punishment in INDIA when it is not so in USA and UAE? Do you think capital punishment should be abolished?
6.What area of law did you specialise in college?
7.Why should we need a state government if both state and centre are going
to frame the same set of rules? Can’t we have a centralised legislative body?
8.What is a lever? Being a physics student in school and studying public
administration can you apply any law in physics to administration.
9.You are talking with elders and children. What are the things you will talk with elders?
10.Will you do this thing to everyone or only relatives and neighbours?
11.Do you know there is an act for protecting senior citizens?
12.Do you think the act is right?
13.What do you see about the future of children because of increasing nuclear families?
14.There is a gap in the professional courses and working in the industries? How can we decrease it?
15.Why many students are opting for MBA
16.Do you know who is the nobel prize winner presently in India?

1. What difference could you find between the climates of Delhi and Chennai,
could you explain the reason for such difference?
2. Tell me something about the “Sangam”
3. Do you know anything about the Nort Eastern states of India?
4. Can you tell us some of the states and their problems in the region (NE )
5.What is Hallmarking?
6.What is 22 carat?
7. Named a process and asked what it is?
8. What are the advantages of “Third Party certification”
9. You have mentioned being discus player in school days, are you
still active, you do not seem to be that hefty?
10.How about the employment cell in the college?
11. What is the good and bad of using mobile phones for economic purposes?
12. What is 3G and its uses?
13. What is the use of video conferencing?
14. Can you tell me when the first surgery through video
conferencing using robots was performed?

1. You are interested in learning new languages, Tell me the languages you know and compare them.
2. Do you think Tamil originated from Sanskrit?
3. What is scientific temper?
4. You are a district collector, now develop a project to develop scientific temper among children in your district.
5. What are the functions of a mother board?
6. Some people give priority to law and order, some to development, as a District Collector, what will be your priorities?
7. What is ‘Kangaroo’ court?
8. What is Madurai famous for?
9. Where is Kamakshi temple in TN?
10. What is Kancheepuram famous for?
11. Tell me some ways to control inflation.
12. How can we improve agricultural productivity?
13. What is NJ 9842 or Sonam point?
14. Tell me the difference between 2G, 3G and 4G
15. What is the toughest job you have done in bank in these 3 yrs?
16. Suppose robbers have come to your bank, over powered the manager and other staffs, now you are left. What will you do?
17. What are the countries surrounding the NE states.
18. What is a buffer state?


1.So you are in IRS(IT) already, How is your training going?
2. You are not trained yet right?
3. Ok, You’ve chosen Sociology, an interesting subject, Interests every one…
4. Name few Indian sociologists
5. Ok, I am not able to get my head around this concept of caste, what is this all about?
6. Really complicated isn’t it? I’m able to make sense of the broader caste names but so many sub castes?
7. Has the social reforms movement changed things on ground?
8. What is event management? Why we need it? What did you do?
9. As an Admin, what can you do with this skill? As an IPS?
10. You are an entrepreneur who finds the unit is running sick, what all could be the possible problems?
11. So, employees are very important? How will you motivate them?
12. What opportunities will you see if you want to have a start-up in J&K?
13. Not as an administrator, but as an entrepreneur?
14. One who goes for a start-up, what all should he do in terms of learning from experiences and others’ mistakes?
15. What all schemes does the INDIAN govt. have?
16. You’ve got the Best Outgoing student, what did you do?
17. I’ll give you an open Question, Tell me whatever happened in countries around us in the past week or say a month.
18. Why is Karuna asking for Eelam now?
19. Why do you want to shift from IRS IT to IAS?
20. Don’t u think people look at you with suspicion when you say you are in IRS, are you getting what I am asking?
21. In what ways has Information Technology been used in TN?
22. Have you been to villages, what are the problems there, what can you do with IT there?
23. Why is TN loosing in terms of foreign investment?
24. Gujarat, Maharashtra are performing,but TN, ok tell me what investments you have got? Not old ones.
25. You were naming individuals like the TNPSC secretary, don’t you think things done by individuals will go away with them, why aren’t you talking about systems?
26. You didn’t say something that helps the common man.
27. Ok, what do you think are the problems of fishermen in TN, what can be done?

1. (like surprisingly asked) you are from Bsc background…?
2. Tell me briefly about your work experience…
3. Why you frequently changed your job?( I was worked with 4 companies in 5yrs)
4. Whether you wrote IFoS & why?
5. What is the strategy in India’s foreign relations?

1. How RTI helping to the women empowerment..?
2. Tell me the chronology of RTI…
3. Do you utilize the RTI..?

1.why you have this name? Any famous personalities behind ur name?
2. Why one country should have strategy in foreign relations?
3. “In recent times school students fall in love& crime” why?
4. What are all the psychological reasons behind this?
5. When will you cook? (Cooking is my hobby)

1.what you think about Indians parental care? (I mentioned about parental care for M2 4th question)
2. How naxalism started in India?
3. Tell me the forest cover of India & density of forest cover
4. Can you brief about greenhouse gas effect
5. Tell me the India’s geographical size in ?

1. What you think about Norway government stand in parental care issue?
2. It s right or wrong?
3. Is there any problem in Kudankulam?
4. What is your stand?
5. Whether nuclear energy is economic viable?

1. How our foreign strategy changed from independence to till now
2. “Don’t mentioned policies, tell me the strategy” ( I mentioned energy, look east policy, south-south cooperation, nam, brics, economy but she refused)
3. How we are shaping our strategy in foreign relations?
4. What is the strategy now we are using in foreign relations?
5. What is our foreign relations strategy and how it is differ from our international relations strategy?

Member 1:
M1: You are from Tamilnadu. Tell something about Anti-brahmin movement?
Me: Sir, It was started in 1912 by caste hindu leaders against the prominence of Brahmins. It gradually developed into Justice party and then to Dravida Kalagam and finally it leads to the birth of most of the present day political parties of TN.
M1: Why they started this movement?
Me: They started this movement because they felt that they are not getting their due share in administration and in society. At that time most of the government jobs were in the hands of the Brahmins. So to represent themselves they need some platform and they started this movement.
M1: Who are these leaders? Were they represented all other castes except Brahmins? (He indirectly asked Which castes the leaders belonged to)
Me: Sir, The leaders belonged to Mudhaliyar, Naidu, Chettiyar, Naicker, Nair and some other castes sir.
M1: Which subjects are you interested in teaching?
Me: I’m interested in teaching Tamil and Social studies.
M1: Are there schools present in every village in TN?
Me: Sir, Most of the villages in TN having primary schools and in most places within 1 km there is a primary school. In case of secondary schools and higher secondary schools it will be available within 5km and 10km range.
M1: Why there are drop outs in school?
Me: The drop outs are due to several reasons, sir. Corporal punishment in schools, economic necessity of the family to send the children to work, lack of interest among the children in studies are some of the reasons for drop outs from school.
M1: Why children lack interest in studies?
Me: Sir, It is due to the corporal punishments given in school, the syllabus, teaching methods which make the students lack interest in studies.
M1: In which case higher number of drop outs – boys or girls?
Me: Sir to my knowledge boys left the school in more numbers.
M1: In which stage the drop outs are higher?
Me: Sir, in primary level the drop outs reduced a lot. Now the drop outs are higher in upper primary, secondary and higher secondary level.
Member 2:
M2: Tamilnadu is one of the most industrialized states. What types of industries are there in TN?
Me: Sir, in Chennai automobile industries are there. Many companies like ford, Hyundai are there. Coimbatore-Tirupur belt is known for textiles. Especially Tiruppur is famous for knitwear section and it contributes a lot to the textile sector of India. All other types of industries are also flourishing in TN.
M2: Other than automobile which industry is developing in Chennai in recent 3-4 years?
Me: (After thinking) Sorry sir, I don’t know.
M2: To say specifically in Sriperumbudur…
Me: (Again after thinking for 2 seconds) sorry sir, I’m not able to get the answer.
M2: Electronic gadgets industries are developing in Chennai.
Me: Thank you sir, for the information.
M2: What are the problems faced by the industries in TN?
Me: Sir, recently power shortage becomes the major hurdle in the growth of industries…. (Chairman Interrupted)
Ch: What are the steps taken by TN govt to overcome power shortage?
Me: Sir, recently work started in Kudankulam Power project….
Ch: Other than that?
Me: Work is going on at Udangudi Thermal power project. The CM of TN also announced extension of North Chennai Thermal power station and Mettur Thermal Power station. Agreements were made with Gujarat and UP for Power purchasing. Besides this Wind power production will be resumed by June. So gradually the power shortage will be reduced from June sir.
Ch: How long is the power cut in your village?
Me: Sir, It is about 6 to 8 hours.
Ch: Is it that much! What about other districts?
Me: Except Chennai all other districts are facing power cuts up to 8 hours sir.
(Chairman said ok and passed to next member)
Member 3:
M3: You are in the Deep South. What is happening in your south i.e. in Srilanka? Can you give an outline?
Me: Yes sir. During the 1960s the Srilankan govt started discriminating the Ethnic Tamils. At first the Tamils struggled against this discrimination in a peaceful way. But when it failed to give returns they started armed rebellion and LTTE was the foremost among them. During 2009 the Srilankan govt wiped out the LTTE and peace resumed.
M3: How India is related to that problem?
Me: Some people in TN supported LTTE sir. The Indian govt has concerns towards the Ethnic Tamils and supported them both before the war and after the war. Now India is supporting economically and by building houses to the people affected by war in the Northern and eastern Srilanka.
M3: When did the Tamils go to Srilanka?
Me: The Tamil in Srilanka are of three types. From ancient days some Tamils are living in Srilanka. During the Medieval times Some Tamil people migrated to Srilanka and during the British period some people went to Srilanka.
M3: With whom there is problem?
Me: Sir, The problem is with the Tamils as a whole.
M3: What happened in the recent UNHRC meet?
Me: The resolution was brought by U.S and Norway along with other Western countries against the human rights violation against the Tamils during the fourth Eelam war. India voted in favour of the resolution against Srilanka. I personally feel that what India did is correct sir.
M3: Why do you feel it as correct?
Me: Sir, Srilanka call India as its strategic neighbour and friend. India is also calling Srilanka as a friend. A friend’s duty is not only supporting during normal times. It is also the duty of a friend to indicate the wrong doing of a friend. Srilanka did not take steps for bringing into justice, the human rights violation as recommended by its own LLRC. So it is the moral duty of India to indicate the Srilanka’s wrong and India take the UNHRC resolution as a chance to indicate it…. (I feel that this answer satisfied them. But still Chairman Interrupted)
Ch: But it was said that only because of the domestic compulsion India voted against Srilanka.
Me: It may be one of the reasons, sir. But while taking important decisions a country like India should take all the considerations and to my view what India did was right as a friend. (Chairman and M3 nodded in favour of my answer)
Ch: What are the recommendations of LLRC?
Me: To bring into justice the human rights violations, Speedy reconciliation… (I stopped and was thinking…)
Ch: There are other recommendations. Ok leave it. (Then he passed it to the next member)
Member 4:
M4: What are the steps taken to reduce the drop outs? What steps need to be taken?
Me: Sir, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan scheme worked well and it brought down the number of drop outs in the age group of 6 to 14. The scheme was now extended to secondary level and in the budget rs.3124 crores was allocated for it….
M4: For the children who drop out from school to support their family?
Me: Sir. MGNREGA scheme gives employment to people…
M4: But what it is doing with Child’s education?
Me: I’m coming to that point sir. Because of the employment opportunity created by NREGA parents are in a better position to send their students to school. (M4 nodded slightly) Besides all these the attitude of teachers should be changed so that they should not indulge in corporal punishments. They should take care of the children and show them love, so that the children will come to school willingly.
M4: What about Midday meals scheme? (M4 might have looking for this, so only he asked it)
Me: Yes sir. Midday meals contributed the most in the reduction of dropouts from school.
Chairman: (2nd spell)
Chairman: What are the steps needed for the development of Salem district?
Me: The literacy rate of Salem district is only 73% sir. It is low compared to other districts. So education should be given priority…….
Ch: What is the Infant Mortality Rate for Salem district?
Me: Sorry sir. I don’t remember.
Ch: What is the Maternal Mortality Rate for Salem district?
Me: Sorry sir. I don’t remember.
Ch: Ok. Tell me. As a collector of Salem district, which will be your priority?
Me: Not only as a collector of Salem district sir, wherever posted, my priority is for health and education.
Ch: Of course. I just said Salem. You may be posted even in Nagaland and Manipur (Laughing)
Me: Yes sir. I am glad to work anywhere in the country.
Ch: You can go now.
Me: Thank you sir, thank you sirs. (I came o


Me: Yes sir, he is my friend
Ch: very good, more candidates are coming from salem.ok were you in Delhi before?
Me: yes sir, I was in Delhi for 2 years
Ch: what did you do?
Me: I took coaching in vajiram sir
Ch: Are the questions asked from their notes in the UPSC exam?
Me: Last year it helped me a little sir, but this year it is not sir. UPSC changed its way of asking questions sir.
Ch: ok. A famous mathematician from your state of course he is famous all over the world. Do you know him?
Me: Yes sir, Srinivasa Ramanujam
Ch: You have completed teacher training .Did you work as a teacher anywhere?
Me: No sir.
Ch: ok
MI: What are the recent problems in Tamilnadu?
Me: Power crisis (He interrupted..)
M1: ok what is the reason for power shortage in T.N and give some solutions to solve it?
Me: Production was not in line with consumption sir. Also the wind mill stopped working due to non availability of wind and the grid connectivity problem is also there
M1: Ok solutions
Me: First we have to conserve the energy sir, and then we have to reduce the transmission loss. Other sources in the renewable energy resources should be given more importance. T. N govt recently increased the electricity fair, this is also a step to reduce the over use of power. It will reduce the inefficiency and people will start using it judiciously. T.N govt’s recent project in Udangudi and the recent commissioning of works in Kudankulam are the positive steps to reduce the power crisis.
M1: Giving free power to farmers is a burden. If we cut it we can save a lot. Isn’t it?
Me: Yes sir, it is a burden, but considering the position of farmers it is not advisable. Rather the govt can collect the inefficient motors which are being used by the farmers and can give less power consuming efficient motors at a subsidized rate. Also we can encourage the drip irrigation and the sprinkler irrigation, It is of dual use that it will reduce both power and water consumption.
M1: Ok what do you know about the recently announced industrial policy of T.N in the budget?
Me: No sir, I am not aware of it. But T.N govt ‘s recent announcement of vision 2023 focused on the industrial devt through ppp.
M1: ok why the cinema stars are entering politics in T.N?
Me: In 1960’s Dravidian movement particularly Anna used the cinema media for the propaganda of their ideologies. It was quite successful. Subsequently M.G.R also followed it and he achieved a great success. But no one was successful after that (A mistake)
M1: Is Jayalalitha not successful?
Me: sorry sir, I forgot her. For her, cinema helped for the entry in politics, but she withstands with the help of her administrative capabilities. Credibility and popularity are important to win an election. Cine stars are gaining popularity through the media. People believe in cine stars credibility that they will do good for them having the roles in mind, which they have done in cinema.
M1: He smilingly said that they should do something credibly. Isn’t it?
Me: yes sir.
M2: what is your stand on nuclear energy?
Me: Considering India’s growth and the energy requirement we have to go for nuclear energy. Also green house emission has to be reduced, so nuclear energy is necessary sir
M2: Why there is protest in kudankulam?
Me: After the Fukushima disaster, people’s fear got aggravated. They are concerned over the safety of the reactor sir
M2: What are the concerns other than safety in the nuclear reactor?
Me : (I was not able to get what he had expected, but I answered after 5 seconds ) Sir, Uranium enrichment can be used for making bombs .But India has a very good track record of using the uranium for civil purposes. So in my perception there is no problem other than safety.
M2: Where are the Tamils residing (migration) other than India?( like Punjabis in Canada)
Me: In Canada, Britain…
M2: In Asia?
Me: In Malaysia, Singapore, srilanka..
M2: Why there are problems wherever Tamils are going?
Me: I don’t think in that way sir. In srilanka, problem is due to ethnicity. But in other nations, they are residing peacefully.
M2: why problems in Malaysia and Singapore?
Me: sorry sir, I am unaware of the reasons.
M2: ok.
M3: what is ecology? Have you heard about human ecology in your geography paper?
Me: I read about ecology, but not about the human ecology sir.
M3: ok tell about ecology
Me: It is the study of the flora and fauna and their inter relationships…
M2: That is environment…
Me: In ecology food chain, food web and the interrelationships are included, but that is not the case in environment….(Same answer, but I should have elaborated earlier itself. )
M3: Maharashtra govt recently announced Rs.12,000 for inter caste marriage. Your views on inter caste marriage
Me: It has to be promoted sir. Tamilnadu government is also giving Rs.20,000 and reservation in some jobs for the inter caste married persons. It is not about money or job, but the government is recognizing them and in this way, it is promoting the inter caste marriages.
M3: Can inter caste marriage help in eliminating castes?
Me: surely, it will help sir. In Tamil, there is a song BY Mahakavi Bharathiyar, “SAADDHIGAL ILLAIYADI PAPPA, KULA THAZHCHI UYARCHI SOLLAL PAVAM” .It means that there are no castes and it is a sin to divide people on the basis of castes. So If we want to eliminate the castes, then inter caste marriage is a way for it.
M3: ok .where did British Government introduce reservation first?
Me: I told that it was in 1909…… He interrupted and asked where???
Me: After 4-5 seconds, I told sorry sir (He told the answer, it’s in madras presidency)
Me: Thank you sir.
M4: A lot of corruption cases are being reported in the media, suggest some steps to tackle corruption
Me: In the long term, Morality of the society has to be changed. Steps like e- governance, RTI, citizen’s charter can help in curtailing the corruption sir
M4: so what about Lokpal? Won’t it eliminate the corruption?
Me: surely, it will help to reduce the corruption, but it cannot eliminate the corruption(I liked to elaborate why and how, but he didn’t give me time)
M4: Some people are saying that Lokpal itself may become a corrupt body. what do you think?
Me: It depends on the incumbent who is heading the body. Also if the Lokpal is created like a regular bureaucratic setup with hierarchy and red tapism, there’s a chance to become as a corrupt body.
M4: He nodded his head..
Chairman started asking questions
Ch: Supreme court recently announced a verdict in the telecom sector, are you aware of it?
Me: Yes sir, S.C scrapped telecom licenses for 122 companies
Ch: On what ground?
Me: S.C pronounced that spectrum should be treated as a scarce natural resource and it should be auctioned instead of first come first serve policy.
Ch: Can’t corruption occur in auction. In it also the corporate may form a nexus.
Me: Yes sir, there’s the possibility in it also
Ch: What actually is 2g scam?
Me: The initial dates announced were later changed and the information was deliberately leaked to certain companies. In a particular day, that too in a particular hour, telecom companies are asked to deposit the amount. Licenses were given to the companies which had no experience in the telecom sector.
Ch: Can Supreme Court transgress in the policy purview of the legislature like cancelling the licenses…
Me: It shouldn’t do normally sir. But in this case, there is lot of allegations over the allocation and there arose the necessity sir
Ch: ok do we scrap the first come first serve policy
Me: No sir, the allocation policy has to be decided on a case to case basis. First come fist serve policy perse is not the problem, but in the way it was used led to the problem.


1. Do u Read any English daily?
Ans: The Hindu

2. Why Hindu?
Ans: They don’t sensationalise the issues, News as it is, Expert analysis, giving more attention towards polity than entertainment.

3. What is the symbol of The Hindu?
Ans: Explained, but forgot the actual term for Shell present in the Middle of the symbol.

4. What is Arab Spring?
Ans: People’s revolution against the dictatorship regime in the Middle east.

5. What is the reason?
Ans: Listed out the reasons one by one.

6. When it was started? Where? Route?(countries)
Ans: Late Dec.2010; Tunisia (Jasmine revolution), Egypt, Libya etc….

7. What are the similarities between these countries?
Ans: Listed out the similarities…
Member 1:
1. What is LTTE?
2. Why they rebelling against government? Any specific causes?
3. Was language related to this rebel?
Ans: Answered all the questions but not able to recollect the language part.

4. What is the minimum distance between the India &Srilanka? (in KM)
Ans: No Idea.

5. Do we need a relationship with Srilanka? (in what areas)
Ans: Yes, esp. in the field of Strategic and Economic partnership for the mutual benefit.

6. What r the problems associated with Sethusamudrum project? Esp. He was asking abt. the environmental problems?
Ans: listed out the problems like Biosphere reserve degradation, Possible Oil spilling, Depletion of fishing resources, and endangered species like Olive Ridelyturtiles etc….

7. Do u believe it was made by Rama? (asking geographical reason for the formation of Ramsethu)?
Ans: I said I believe in Science and explained reason behind the formation of RAM Sethu( Cross currents merging phenomenon)

8. What is ur opinion on This project? Shd we go for it or not?
Ans: if Cost Benefit analysis and EIA favours the project, then it can be implemented.
1. What is energy security?Ans: Theoretical answer.

2. Do we have energy security?Ans: Theoretical Answer.

3. What is the installed electricity capacity of India? – Ans: 185.5GW

4. What are the mineral resources we have in abundant?
Ans: Started with Coal, Iron ore, Lignite, Mica, Lime Stone and other non-metallic minerals, non ferrous and ferrous minerals, Rare Earth minerals like Illuminite, Zircon, Rudite and Monazite Sand.

5. From which countries we are importing natural Gas & why?
Ans: Qatar (explained abt the recent visit of Emir of Qatar), and other countries.

6. What are potential areas of natural gas in the world?
Ans:Named Central Asian countries, Russia etc…

7. How to use this for India’s energy security? What are the difficulties?
Ans: I started with TAPI project and explained the difficulties.
1. What is ur hometown is famous for?
Ans: Silk and Temple.

2. Which is the most famous temple in ur hometown?
Ans: KanchiKamatchi Amman Temple.

3. How to tackle illegal mining at ground level as well as at Management level? Ur solutions?
Ans: I started answering for ground level solution and he himself explained it for management level.
1. When banking has come to India? (asking the exact year)
Ans: No Idea

2. Who started it?
Ans: No Idea

3. What is RBI?
4. What is the difference between RBI & SBI?
5. What is Monetary Policy?
6. What are the functions of RBI?
7. When SBI was founded?

Me – May I come in , Sir

CM – Yes, please.

Me – Good morning, Sirs, Good morning , ma’am

CM – It’s afternoon now.

Me – Sorry sir. Good afternoon, everyone.

CM – Please take your seat.

Me – Thank you, sir.

(CM kept reading through my biodata and I kept replying “Yes,Sir”.)

CM – Swimming as a hobby ? Are you a professional swimmer ?

Me – No, Sir. I just do it for leisure and joy .

CM – Ok. Tell me, do you read papers ?

Me – Yes, Sir.

CM – I find that the media uses the term “Extremism, Militancy and Terrorism” interchangeably. I think these 3 terms are different. What do you think ?

Me – Yes, Sir. I too feel these 3 terms carry different meanings.

CM – Now, differentiate between the 3 .

Me – Extremism doesn’t necessarily transform into violence. Terrorism is a violent act carried out in an unplanned manner like in Mumbai. Militancy is terrorists carrying out organised attacks on the armed forces like in the case of Kashmir.
(I feel I fumbled a bit here and couldn’t elicit any reaction from the CM).

CM – Then what is secessionism and insurgency ?

Me – I know that Secessionism is asking for a seperate country from a mainland but I do not exactly know what Insurgency means.

CM – Hmmm. What are ULFA ? Secessionists or Insurgents ?

Me – I think they are secessionists , Sir.

CM – Why ?

Me – Because they are asking for a seperate nation of Assam to be carved out of India, Sir.

(CM passes the baton on to the lady member(M1))

M1 – You’re a computer engineer. Tell me what can you bring from your field of computer science into administration ?

Me – Ma’am , we can use the latest technologies to analyse the critical information we get from database regarding how effectively schemes have been targetted and try to strengthen those that have been effective and weed out those which have not proved effective .

M1 – Isn’t there a way we can get an individual feedback from the system you propose ?

(I fumbled a bit here too and paused for some 5 seconds)

Me – I think we can get an overall feedback , Ma’am.

(Baton now passes on to M2)

M2 – Tell me about your work experience and what kind of work you did.

(I said)

M2 – Why do companies prefer Object Oriented Progamming Languages over Structural Programming languages.

Me – I mentioned reusability of code, efficient memory management in OOPS.

(M2 did not seem convinced with the reusability of code part)

M2 – Can you tell me about instantiation in C++ ?

Me – I don’t know, Sir.

M2 – Do you know about Dennis Ritchie ? What happened with him recently ?

Me – Sir, He invented C++(actually he invented C , I made a mistake here but not sure if he or any member noticed it). He passed away recently.

M2 – Why do you think his death did not attract any sort of attention from the media ?

Me – He passed away on the same week as Mr.Steve Jobs, Sir. Maybe , that’s why .

M2- What is your opinion on Steve Jobs ?

Me – He is an innovator and took computing to the next level , in my opinion.

(M2 seemed to have a different opinion and felt Steve Jobs was unethical and had duped some guy on his way to fame and told me the story about how Mr. Jobs did it.)

Me – Ok, Sir.

(Now onto M3)

M3 – Tell me the papers and magazines you read ?

Me – Sir, I read “The Hindu” newspaper . And “Frontline” and “Economic and Political Weekly” magazines.

M3 – All these you mentioned are left leaning, don’t you think ?

Me – Not all the time, Sir. Some articles in these magazines take a centrist stand . And moreover I feel reading centrist and left leaning articles gives you different perspectives on issues and contributes to your thought-process.

M3 – Do you read novels ? Which was the last one you read ?

Me – Yes, Sir. At times(I was baffled a bit here because I had not given “Reading Books or Novels” as a hobby) . The last one I read was “English, August”.

(They all commented about how I was reading a book about a young probationer before I got into service. Chairman interrupted).

CM – But , thats a very old book which came out in the 1980s. You didn’t read any latest book ?

Me – Yes, Sir .It is an old book but I read it only now and that’s the latest I’ve read.

CM – Tell me the name of the place where the main character in the novel is probationing in ?

Me – Madna, Sir.

CM – Hmm . Ok. (Pointing to M3) Sir, you proceed.

M3 – Have you read about the Right to Education Act ? Don’t you think it’s plain harassment of private schools to be asked to shoulder the responsibility of educating weaker sections ?

Me – Sir, I think it’s the social responsibility of the private schools to expose students from weaker sections to quality education. I don’t think it is an harassment as such.

M3 – But won’t the students from weaker sections be subjected to discrimination by their richer peers ?

Me – Sir, I do agree this will happen in classes in middle school and above but in the future, we can create a value system right from the Kindergarten whereby we can teach the children certain values so that such a mindset is not created. And in the long run, it may help in curtailing this discrimination to a certain extent .

(M4 now takes over)

M4 – Why IAS first preference (looks at CM to get approval if IAS was my first choice)? Why not IFS or IPS ?

Me – (Paused a bit since it was an unexpected question) Sir, I feel being an IAS you have more opportunities to work across different departments ,compared to any other service .

M4 – Hmmm . You must’ve heard about corruption. Tell me what steps you’d take as an administrator to curtail corruption ?

Me – Sir, I would try to eradicate corruption at the lower levels, since that is the one which affects people the most and as lower level corruption is eradicated, I believe corruption at the higher levels will also be eradicated simultaneously.

M4 – Hmmm. I’ll give you a situation. You’re an IAS travelling in your office car and you see someone lying on the road, what would you do ? Remember you’re going for an urgent meeting with the CM .

Me – Sir, I would put the injured person in my car and tell the driver to take him to hospital and then avail the public transport and go for the meeting.

M4 – You don’t have any other vehicle there . You’re in a remote place. Now ?

Me – I’d take him to the nearby hospital in the car, admit him there and then go for the meeting and if I’m late , explain the situation to the CM.

M4 – Hmmmm. (Didn’t make any reaction).

CM – One last question before you leave. Tell me about “The Great Game”.

Me – I guess it was a strategic game played out by Russia and Great Britain in Central Asiain the 1940s .(not sure about the year)

CM – Can you extrapolate it to the current context ?

Me – Sir, I think in recent times , we can extrapolate it to the situation in Afghanistan where the US troops will be leaving in the near future and other regional powers in Asia will vie for stability in Afghanistan.

CM – When US was unable to maintain peace in Afghanistan, how do you think others will be able to do it ?

Me – Sir, US is geographically isolated and are now not interested in stability of Afghanistan. So, any form of terrorism breeding in Afghanistan will not immediately affect US but countries like India, Pakistan, Russia, China etc run the risk of being close to Afghanistan and are in danger of extremism spilling over to their restive provinces. So, I think it’s in the interests of the Asian powers to have a stable Afghanistan !

CM – Ok. Your interview is over . You may go.

Me – Thank you, Sirs. Thank you, Ma’am.

C. what is your name?
C. U have studied in different places , what is your native place?{Rajapalayam,virudhunagar district}
C. Rajapalayam is a famous breed of dog isn’t?tell me about it?whether its population is increasing or decreasing?
C. can I get a Rajapalayam Pup if I come to your native place?
C. what r u doing now?{Asst Director of Rural Development}
C. which dept do u belong to&what is the name of your service?
C. R U interested in Rural Development?
C. Worked in secretariat,collectorate and serving villages also,
C.. what R your job responsibilities,r u implementing schemes?
C. like Divisional Development Officer?
C. U have worked in secretariat,why files are not coming into an end on time,files are tossed between departments,a lot of queries are raised,why?
C. among the RD schemes which scheme u like most?
C. how is the performance of your district in MGNREGS implementation?
C. if u r given a district level post ,what will be your priorities?tell me only two
C. do u allow dovetailing of schemes?
M1. Already U R in development field,why do u want to enter civil services?
M1. what problems r prevailing in your district?
M1. tell me about two social problems in your district?
M1. Tell me an example for gender discrimination as observed by u in your district?
M1. how will u control the problem?
M1. tell me about gender discrimination at society level?
M2. what is the character of rajapalayam dog?
M2. what is its temperament?
M2. what type of breed is it?what for it is used?
M2. what is the size of the dog?
M2. have u read zen and the art of motor cycle riding?
M2. Have U seen Charlies angels ?
M2. do u know all the nuts and bolts of a motorcycle?
M2. then if your motor cycle breaks down what will u do?
M2. how will u manage the situation?
M2. which motor cycle do u ride?
M2. what will u do as your hobby?
M2. it means u r using your motor cycle for romance purpose?
M2. if u r given a district level post,which single and comprehensive step will u take to eliminate corruption altogether?
M2. tell about the rain water harvesting initiatives in your district?
M3. u have worked in personnel and administrative reforms dept,tell me about M2 adminiistrative reforms by tamil nadu govt?
M3. RTI is an central act isn’t it?
M3. ok tell another one reform
M3. u were native of virudhunagar district,what is it famous for?
M3. what mr.k.kamaraj has done for the country?
M3. what are his contributions in the political field?
M3. whether his plan was implemented?
M3. what happened to kamaraj plan afterwards?
C. who is the last congress CM of tamil nadu?in which period he occupied his post?
C. whether congress can come back to power once again in tamil nadu?.
C. strong leader? He has to be a cinema hero in your state?
C. Yes yes anybody can contest elections ,but who will win ?only the charismatic actors who sing and dance well.
M4. U were talking about poverty ,define poverty first
M4. define poverty line
M4. I do not want textbook definitions,what is your definition of poverty line?
M2. it is a saying
C. who said it?
C. so you r giving a justification for his thoughts also
C. It is a beautiful definition,we should also consider it for recommendation
M4. ok what would be the methodology to calculate your poverty line?
m4. what is the contribution of Ramasamy naicker in your state to eradicate poverty?
M4. in which period he worked?
M1. what is the current status of shifting of secretariat complex in your state?
C. the shifting resembles an incident in medieval period where a ruler shifted his capital from delhi to…what is your views about it?
C. why such happenings occur?
C. if u were in the position ,what would u have proposed?
C. do u have the guts to tell this Proposal?
M4. many proposals of the previous govt r changed by the present govt,what are your views on it?
C. do bureaucrats need to bow down before politicians

You have done B.Tech – good; Your optional is geography, interesting isn’t? Then you know well about Indian geography.
What are the river basins in India?
Tell me one river which flows in S-W?
Good, what is the problem there? which dam is constructed in that river?
Why the government could not solve the problems?
What the Centre and State governments doing to improve the skill?
What are the rivers in the Indus basin?
Bhakra nangal dam? which river?
What are the subjects that you have studied in your college?
what is the difference between AC m/c and DC m/c? then motor.
What are the applications of Control systems? example with respect to large industries
Working now?
Have you ever thought becoming entrepreneur?
What are the constraints?
What are the government schemes?
What is MSME? criteria?

Shown a sculpture that was present in the room.
What is that? Have you seen that in temples?
Any event in your life that is long lasting in your mind?
How India can improve relations with Pak?
India already doing that, which means we have failed?
Is it only unilateral initiative?
You have mentioned Community College? What is that?
Mention some colleges. Are there any community colleges in TN?
What is your college? Constituent college, Autonomous?
Oh, Is it deemed university?
Which authority is giving the status?
How deemed universities are given?
What is virtual university?
Tell some examples.


I was eagerly standing outside the room (Not able to sit) with lots of butterflies on the belly. Bell rang and my excitement peaked for a moment. I entered the room with smile. I wished them Good morning but it was afternoon one member corrected me but fortunately chairman didn’t notice as she was looking my profile.
C : Your Name, Roll No:
Me : I am Pradeep Kumar and my Roll no is 023684
C : Oh you worked with M/s. Indian Oil Corporation Limited.
Me : Yes
C : Explain about your Job Profile – as a Sales Engineer and Operations Officer ( I worked in M/s. Indian Oil Corporation Limited)
Me: Maam, I worked in Indian Oil Corporation Limited for 4 years, 3 yrs as a sales engineer and one year as an Operations officer. In Indian Oil Corporation Limited, the job profile of Sales engineer includes Marketing, Technical Services and Account reconciliation and as an Operations Officer, I was supervising the Lubricant blending unit.
C: Why you left Indian Oil Corporation Limited?
Me: To prepare for UPSC Examination – She Starred at me –But that is the fact.
C: Tell me about an Oil Crisis in India?
Me: Maam, In India we are importing more than 80% of oil and heavily dependent on the other countries for Energy Security. (Chairman nodded her head positively that boosted my confidence)
C: What is the solution?
Me: Maam, One is diversifying the sources and other is moving towards Non-Renewable resources (Actually it is renewable resources. Then I realized and said it is renewable resources).
C: Tell me few renewable resources:
Me: Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Hydro power.
C: Any other resources?
Me: I was unable to recollect Maam. (She got a funny look)
M1: What are the problems we face in Solar Energy?
Me: Sir, The Installation cost and The Running cost is high as compared to the conventional fuel. Moreover the technology for producing solar energy needs to be improved. Sir, India we have already taken initiatives to harness the solar energy like producing 20,000 MW before 2020 ( I am not sure about the year, Hope it is right). If we improve the technology and I am sure to a certain extent it will replace the conventional fuel in future. – (He positively smiled)
M1: What is the technology used in Solar energy?
Me: I explained about the photo voltaic cells – How the light energy is converted into electrical energy. (But he is not satisfied)
M1: Give two specific reasons unable to promote solar energy in India?
Me: I again started with the installation… and running cost…He stopped me.
M1: I want specific reason?
Me: Sir, I don’t know. (This time I said very boldly).
M1: You are from St. Peters Engineering College? Who’s college is it?
Me: Sir, It is Ex-Education minister Mr. Thambidurai College. ( He nodded his head)
M1: Where is your blending unit located in Chennai?
Me: Sir, It’s in Tondiarpet, Northern part of Chennai. ( I hope he may be from Tamilnadu).
M1: Tel me about pollution in Chemical Industries? – (This question seems to be too vague).
Me: Sir, Pollution can be broadly classified into three, Land Pollution, Water Pollution and Air Pollution. Textiles industries pollute both water and land. Cement and fertilizer industries pollute Atmosphere. But in India the environment norms are very stringent and the pollution level is drastically reduced. Even now the zero discharge concepts are also emerging in Indian chemical industries.
M2: Your optional is Sociology?
Me: Yes Sir,
M2: Ok, You tell Indian Population is good or bad?
Me: Sir, We are in the era of demographic dividend and India is the youngest country in the world. If we properly utilize the skills of the young people, it will definitely be an asset Sir.
M2: Then Why India is insisting on a family planning program that restricts the population?
Me: I had taken 2 seconds then I replied. There is a limit for everything, imparting skills and providing employment to all the citizens are not possible and financial burden of the country should also be taken into consideration. Because of that, there may be a chance of increasing in poverty also. – But I am not satisfied with this answer.
M2: Whats your opinion that people are not leaving Govt. Jobs?
Me: Sir, The reason behind it, Job security and Good Remuneration. Sir, But in recent study shows that the attrition rate is increasing even in Govt. Sector. For ex: In Indian Oil Corporation Limited 3 yrs back the attrition rate was 7% but now it is close to 10%.
M2: Is the efficiency of the PSU’s decreasing? – In a public opinion, the people in the govt sector will not work?. What’s your view?
Me: Sir, The efficiency of the Public Sector is not decreasing. The growth rate of public sectors is around 8% for the last 10 years. Without the public servants the country would have not grown to this extent. – He is literally convinced ( I consider this is one of the best answer).
M2: As a citizen/ Public. You tell me your view?
Me: Sir, No doubt on the efficiency of the Govt. Servants.

M2: You left Indian Oil Corporation limited – Again the same question asked by chairman.
Me: Sir, Indian Oil Corporation Limited is the fantastic organisation to work with and it is the No1 organisation in India. But I left the job To prepare UPSC since it is my childwood dream.
M2 : Then Why Chemical Engineering, you could have done B.Sc. Chemistry in Loyala College?
Me: Sir, I like chemistry the most and my father wanted to do an engineering that’s why I have selected chemical engineering.
M3: Are ethics universal?
Me: No Sir, definitely not.
M3. Can you brief it?
Me: Sir, There are many kinds of ethics, for ex: Cultural ethics and economic ethics. Cultural ethics may not be universal it varies on country to country. But the Economic Ethics must be universal.
M3: Then Corruption is universal?
Me: Sir, We cannot generalize corruption, Since it depends on the individual who is involved in the corruption and moreover it is an attitude of an individual and cannot be considered an ethics in good sense.
M4 (Female): Do you have a habit of reading books?
Me: I read many books on chemical engineering maam.
M4 (Female): No I am asking in general like novels etc.
Me: Sorry maam, I don’t have a habit of reading novels. But I read the books on self motivation and personality development.
M4 (Female): Ok fine you know a professor from IIT Chennai written a book on education recently?
Me: I don’t know maam.
M4 (Female): She is about to ask another question on the book but…
M3: Madam, He does not know about the book.
M4: Why people are lying on the roads in India and not in china though the population is higher than India?
Me: Maam, The population is not dispersed evenly in India; the economic development is concentrated in a particular area. Moreover people are lying on the roads mostly in urban areas and not in rural areas.
M4: Any other reason?
Me: Maam, the uneven dispersion of population and poverty is mainly because of quick transformation from Agriculture sector to service sector without passing through the manufacturing sector. That is not so in China.
M4: One more reason is simple – The geographic area of china is huge compared to India.
Me: Smiled and accepted with a big nod – She also smiled.
M4: Ok, Pradeepkumar Tell me two heritage sites in Delhi.
Me: Qutub minar. I was unable to recollect other one. Kept silent for 5 seconds …then said. Rashtriyapathi bhavan. – She starred at me.
(But I could have told Red fort, Humayun tomb etc.)
Chairman: We have three Unesco Sites in Delhi you go and check.
Me: Sure maam, Thanks for your info maam.
Chairman: Ok, your interview is over.
Me: Thank you maam, then looked at members and thanked all with a smile.

Hobbies: Watching Foreign Language Films and Reading Books
Me: Good afternoon mam and sirs.
Chairman: You are Surendar Paul right.
Me: Yes sir.
CM: Why specifically watching foreign language films is a hobby?
Me: Sir, we can get informative entertainment.
CM: So you mean to tell in other films we will not get any information?
Me: Not exactly sir, but in foreign language films we can get to know the foreign country’s custom, culture and also latest technology from James Bond movies. (The members laughed at this)
CM: Do you know what Kurukshetra is? (I had mentioned about initiating and organising an event named Kurukshetra in my extra-curricular activities)
Me: Sir, Kurukshetra is a war in Mahabharata.
CM: Do you know where Kurukshetra is?
Me: Sorry Sir. I don’t know.
CM: It is here only in Haryana.
Me: Yeah sir, I know but I am not very sure.
CM: Mentioned about RTE and incapacity of our education system. Then asked what do you think are the problems with our Indian education?
Me: Our education infrastructure is very poor and we have to develop schools in every village. Then our Child enrolment ratio is very poor and there is problem of Child labour also. There is also a problem with the private institutions regarding 25% reservation for under privileged children. These are some of the problems of our education system.
CM: I asked about Indian education system, so you have to tell about Primary education, Higher Secondary and College education.
Me: Sir, you have asked relating to RTE act which deals about primary education, so only I have mentioned about primary education alone.
CM: Then what do you think about the teacher’s strength?
Me: Yes sir, the pupil-teacher ratio is very poor, the number of teachers should be increased and also the quality of teachers should also improved by providing training.
M1: So your other hobby is reading books, have you read Revolution 2020?
Me: I have not read it completely sir, it is the latest book of Chetan Bhagat.
M1: What are the qualities you think you have to be an administrator?
Me: Sir, I am very much receptive in nature. I can hear people’s problems. I am also very proactive and I can inform people about the schemes and programmes of the government to the public so that they can get the benefit out of it.
M2: You have mentioned about James Bond movies. Name the actors who have acted in James Bond role.
Me: Sir, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore, Sean Connery are some.
M2: Who is the latest actor to act on the role?
Me: Sorry Sir, I couldn’t recollect his name.
M2: Its Daniel Craig.
Me: Yes sir.
M2: If incase you are posted in an area where you don’t know the language can you cope up and what will you do?
Me: Sir, language is never a problem. I can adjust anywhere. First I will try to learn that language and in the mean time I will have a communicator.
LM: If you are posted in a disturbed area or a politically influenced area, how will you work, work with courage or fear?
Me: Obviously as an administrator I have to work with courage. The administrators working with courage and taking bold decisions only can help the nation develop.
LM: How can we develop our nation?
Me: We have to develop our nation in the fields of internal security by improving the police forces and modernising them, external security by improving our armed forces, energy security by becoming self sufficient and in social security and education sector.
LM: Nowadays there is a fear that crime against women are on the rise. Suppose you are made the administrator of Gurgaon, what measures will you take to control these crimes?
Me: First, women should be taught some self-protection mechanisms, then the police patrolling of disturbed areas should be increased mam.
CM: Even with police patrolling the problem still persists.
Me: Mam, then only way is to teach a woman self-protection techniques and creating awareness.
M4: India and China are supposed to be the future super powers. Whom do you think have an edge right now?
Me: Sir right now China is holding an advantage because they are still having an robust economic growth and also they have developed their infrastructure particularly R&D infrastructure very well.
M4: Then in 15-20 years period whom do you think will have an advantage?
Me: Sir, in that case India certainly holds an edge primarily because of our Demographic dividend. We will be the youngest nation by 2020 and if we can improve our infrastructure mainly for R&D we can be a super power.
M4: You read books name any travelogues that also deal with geography?
Me: Sorry sir, I don’t read travelogues.
M4: One quiz question, what are the neighbouring countries of India?
Me: Pakistan, Srilanka sharing maritime boundary, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal, China and Afghanistan.
M4: What are the states sharing boundary with China?
Me: (I thought only about eastern Himalayas area and told) Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh sir.
M4: Arunachal Pradesh??
Me: Yes sir with China. (He smile and nodded)
CM: Have you seen the movie Dirty Picture?
Me: No sir.
CM: Atleast have you heard of it?
Me: Yes sir
CM: Then do you heard of Dirty bumps
Me: No sir.
CM: (He smiled) You can leave
Me: Thank you mam and sirs.


1. how stethoscope works? why doctors asks to take deep breathe while

M1 1. what is genome? its uses in medicine?
2. what is DNA finger printing and its application?
3. impeachmeant of president
M2– 1. National knowledge council
2. Aruna rai and her contribution.. (indirectly asked about RTI)
3. comment about higher education commeecialisation

M3– 1. Is nitrogen gas poisonous? how? treatment?
2. health hazards while climb mountains?
3. what is pulmonary edema

M4 –1. which tamil kings have naval force
2. where and name of temple built by tamil kings in south east asia
3. in india mobile phones are more than sanitary latrines.. comment

Chair– 1. why do we rear pets
2. what are infra and ulrasonic sounds



1. tell about women’s reservation bill?
2. why it is needed?
3. reason for opposing it?
4. being an educated women, will u become a politician?
5. why?
6. ias or politics which one u will choose?
7. why ias?
8. will u be neutral?
9. first guardianship for women(from the day’s news paper)?
10. why it should be given?
11. what is shares and debentures?
12. what is the report of a system analyst called?
13. what is talaq and its procedure, ur view of recent issue related to talaq?
14. is muslim marriage a contract?
15. What is mahr?
16. When it started?
17. is it a respect or compensation?
18. how much petroleum are we importing?
19. what are the alternate sources of enery?
20. what is global warming?
21. what are green house gases?
22. what is cfc?
23. what is biodesel?
24. difference between GATT and WTO?
25. difference between equity and preferential shares?
26. what is the debt equity ratio?
27. what is currency swap?
28. define finance?



1. You are Diana. Right?
2. Would you like to have some coffee?
3. How far Kanya kumari from your place?
4. Significance of Kanya Kumari
5. Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda
6. How will you take us from KK to Sikkim by car?
7. Capital of Sikkim

Male member 1:
1. Instruments used in Thermal Power plants
2. Give examples for transducers in Thermal power plants
3. Examples of women entrepreneurs who have excelled

Lady member 2:
1. What motivated you to memorize all 1330 couplets of Thirukkural?
2. Did you receive the scholarship finally?
3. What is the impact of memorizing those couplets?
4. Why handloom is being promoted?
5. What is your role as field supervisor in Rajiv Awas Yojana?
6. What is the objective of taking this survey?
7. What is your observation in slums?
8. Books and some incident about writer perumal murugan

Male member 3.
1. What should be our National Interest?
2. How are we dealing with our neighbourhood?
3. How will you deal with construction of illegal buildings if you are the administrator of Mumbai?
4. Thirukkural that deals with International relations

Lady member 4
1. What is your understanding at the micro level from slum work
2. How will you apply it at the macro level?
3. How to deal with the issue of Judicial overreach?
4. How to balance between executive and the Judiciary?
5. What is Public Interest Litigation? Trace its origin
6.What is Nirbhaya Fund?
7. How the fund is being utilized?
8.What should we do to empower women?
Thank you Diana
Nice talking to you
Have a Nice Journey

1) Have you done any mistake in your life? Tell me one and how did you overcome it ?
2) farmer suicides.. How will you solve it as an administrator?
3) Global warming and freezing temperatures happening at the same time in different parts of the world.. why is it happening ? Give an example
4) what is polar vortex ?
5) what is USP?

1) Name some dams in the Cauvery river
2) what is kallanai famous for ?
3) How as a civil engineer will you try to solve the Cauvery issue between TN and KA?

1)importance of Mauritius to India ?
2) what will you choose between Israel and Palestine ? And why ?

1) scope of industrialisation of TN?
2) how is Krishnagiri doing after it was seperated from Dharmapuri?
3) did Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri lose or gain something after the separation?

1) is India a warring country?
2) number of wars after independence?
3) why are our neighbours are not in good terms with us ?
4) what is the latest development with respect to Chinese military?
5) various ways in which India in its own way is trying to increase its influence in the region.. what are they ?
6) are they successful?
7)where are you staying now ?
8) what is your plan for the rest of the day ?
All the best.


what is the difference between public and private university?
Which body oversees ICSE? (i had cbse backgrnd)
Tell me something about the three major empires of tamil nadu
What is the name of the hindu temple in cambodia?
Why the name of thailand royalty ends in rama?
What is special about kanyakumari?
Explain the sport of volleyball (daf based)
Do tall players have advantage?
Top 3 countries in the world in volleyball?
Why is kerela called God’s own country?
What do you know about kepler’s laws?
Explain Archimedes principle
Give a glimpse of tourist places from TN?
What do you understand by ‘cooperative’? Apart from cooperative soceities?
How to build a business?
Raga common to hindustani and carnatic music? (Daf based)
Which musical instrument are you familiar with?
Is Harmonium an Indian instrument?
Do you know a specific incident viz a viz Harmonium and All India Radio?
Can you name some experts of musical instrument of your choice
What do you understand by internal security?Name some agencies associated with it
Which will be tougher to stop? An empty truck or a truck with iron block? Explain.
M5:(super random)
What famous factory is in avadi?what do they manufacture?
Name some contributions of drdo?
How do you travel from black sea to arabian sea?
Where is cyprus?What is unique about it?
Which lab is coming up in TN? Why is it underground?
What do you know about ottoman empire?

1.Why civil services?
2.List down the top 5 global issues
3.Why countries are occupying uninhabited islands?

1.Compare industrial development of TN vis -a-vis AP, Karnataka, Telengana?
2.Why industries shifting from TN to AP?
3.Steps taken to develop industrial sector in India by Govt.

1.Importance of International Solar Alliance for India.
2.Quad security dialogue
3.Steps to reduce manufacturing cost in India

1.Katchatheevu issue
2.Relevance of Non Alignment at present
3.Wind energy in Tamil Nadu
4.Tea industry issues around Coimbatore,Nilgiris

1.Is casteless society possible?
2.You are an SP. How will you deal with communal violence incidents?

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